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Contemporary Kitchens


Mulberry combines German efficiency with the flexibility of production which enables us to offer furniture made to any dimension or colour, gloss or matt

Explore the simplicity and perfection of true handle less design

Sooth or excite with colours from taupe to cherry

Clean lined design in soft subtle shades or smoky hues

Create a show stopping kitchen with that minimalist appeal

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  • What to Consider When Designing a New Kitchen.

    To many people the kitchen really is heart of the home – it’s where they come for nourishment, for relaxing and for entertaining. So it’s no surprise then that one of the top home renovation projects is designing a new kitchen. [more]

  • The kitchen office

    An increasing number of people are opting to work from the comfort of their own home and whilst many will opt for a separate office in their home, the kitchen is fast becoming a popular alternative. [more]

  • What Does Your Kitchen Need?

    Designing a new kitchen can be a huge undertaking, but size, budget and function should always be the three major principles to take into consideration and at Mulberry our experienced team will help you make the right choices. [more]