Kitchen makeover or kitchen replacement?

Kitchen makeover or kitchen replacement?

Your kitchen is looking tired, or you are simply bored with the look of it. Should you remodel your existing kitchen and give it a facelift, or should you completely remove the existing kitchen and start again?

When considering the options there are many aspects you should take into consideration. Firstly how old is your existing kitchen, it may be that the existing kitchen is good quality and the cabinets, drawer boxes and internal components are in excellent condition, if this is the case changing the doors and worktops may be an option that would give you a completely different look. When considering this option you need take into account all the visible parts of the kitchen, ie: if you have a medium oak kitchen and want to change to a cream kitchen, its not just the doors that will need to be changed but also the plinths, cornice, lights pelmets and visible end panels. Changing visible side panels can be more complicated and costly than simply changing the complete unit. If you have open display units, glazed display units or shelving units, these would need to be changed completely if you wanted the complete kitchen to match the new colour scheme. In short, a kitchen makeover can be very simple and inexpensive compared to fitting a new kitchen, however, dependent on the individual expectations a makeover can quickly add up to a significant percentage of the cost of a new kitchen, but when finished you still have an old kitchen.

Does your existing kitchen fulfil storage and tasking requirements? Before deciding whether to revamp or replace your existing kitchen it would be advisable to have a consultation with a professional kitchen designer. During this meeting a designer would be able to talk through your kitchen requirements and assess whether by starting again there are much better solutions available.

When visiting a kitchen showroom to look at styles available, we recommend taking some time to look at modern storage solutions available such as clever corner solutions, jumbo pan drawers, pullout larder units and cargo waste bin systems. Imagine how some of these solutions could enhance the usability of your kitchen.

If you are planning to give your kitchen a complete makeover with new fascias, work surfaces, appliances floor and wall coverings you will be leaving very little other than a potentially worn out tired “chassis” behind. With a slightly larger investment in time and money the end result will be a kitchen that has the “wow factor” and perfectly fulfils all your requirements for the next twenty five years.

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