Styling a designer kitchen

Styling a designer kitchen

Have you worked hard to achieve a specific decorating style throughout your house? You may have chosen shaker simplicity for your bathroom and living space whilst your kitchen still sports a wonderful mishmash of bad 70’s tiles and chipped laminate counters.

If so, then is the time to bring design harmony to your home. Of course, trying to achieve a soothing Shaker style can be quite difficult when many of today’s appliances scream ‘Modern! Metal! Shiny!’ – a far cry from the subdued simple tones you may aspire to, or similarly you may crave colour and all you are offered is kitchens that are a homage to beige. This is where utilising the skills of a good professional kitchen designer helps.

A good designer will be able to marry up today’s modern technology with your period design aspirations with seamless effort, or your need for colour with the age and style of your house. Sometimes the style of house in which we live dictates the style we use in our decoration: a Georgian townhouse or Victorian terrace, for example, benefit from beautiful interior design elements such as high ceilings, plaster coving and ornate ceiling roses, taking some of these architectural elements through to the cabinetry and the shape of the kitchen harmonises the kitchen with its environment.

If you are lucky enough to be making your own Grand Design and building your home from scratch, then you have the freedom to design the kitchen of your dreams. The only thing that might hold you back is whether or not your bank balance will allow for all the extravagances that your imagination can conjure up.

Whatever you decide for your kitchen, one of the most important things to aim for is a sense of flow and harmony throughout the house. This can be achieved in a number of ways, even if the final look of your kitchen is the polar opposite to the rest of your home’s design. For example, your new kitchen might have the shiniest of doors with only minimal design features, but using a colour on the walls that has also been used in the hallway or living room is a simple and effective way of achieving a good sense of flow throughout the house. Or the reverse, use a colour element of the kitchen, such as the colour of the glass splash back, as a highlight colour in the soft furnishings in the rest of the home.

By incorporating design elements from other parts of the home, no matter how small they may be, you can give your kitchen a sense of unity with its surroundings, regardless of how far removed it is from the rest of your home.
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