The kitchen office

The kitchen office

An increasing number of people are choosing to work from the comfort of their own home and whilst many will opt for a separate office in their home, the kitchen is fast becoming a popular alternative.

People use an area of kitchen for post, charging mobile phones or a simple notepad and pen next to the phone. We use the kitchen to write shopping lists, meal planning and sometimes homework with the kids. More commonly having an area for the computer or laptop is handy, be it for food shopping online, monitoring our children surfing the web or sometimes working from home.

These areas need to be planned carefully, how many times do you walk into a kitchen and see an area of paperwork piling up and it so easily spreads across to the cooking area. With clever design, we can contain the office area, planning cabling and sockets in units designed specifically for charging mobile phones, MP3 players and ipads, a drawer for stationary and pencils etc. a drawer for takeaway menus, vouchers and different chargers, you could even have a deep drawer for filing, a unit for your printer, scanner and wireless hub.

Cabling can be organised so that it is now possible to have sockets that are hidden when not in use, coming up from the worktop or dropping down from wall units giving you power, USB and Ethernet connection all in one, from such companies such as Schulte with their red dot design award winning Evoline ports or Sensios pods.

You can set up a permanent, dedicated office or just have an informal paperwork area. Whatever you choose, make sure that you find a design that makes the most of your available space and fits in with how you and your family function.

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