This striking yet minimal modern design really makes our Thetford client’s kitchen-diner feel much more spacious and open. The sleek handleless style allowed us to install a beautifully seamless wall of units, which, complete with clever internal systems, offer an excellent storage solution. Wide drawers built into the island and beneath the counter also provide efficient and easily accessible storage.

A soft cornflower blue hue adds a playful and eye-catching dimension to the cool, contemporary design. Our client’s cookbooks and small appliances also bring a wonderful pop of colour, establishing a welcoming and laidback feel to the room. Contrasting worktop finishes and lovely warm Camaro oak floors beautifully balance the dynamic two-tone design, grounding the vibrant scheme. This stunning yet practical Thetford interior creates the perfect focal point to our client’s family home.

The details...

Warm glowing lighting encircling the island and topping the tall bank of cabinets elevates this interior into a cosy and sophisticated space. The breakfast bar is ideal for our client’s busy family lifestyle.



Fusion Linear handleless kitchen in Painted Light Grey and Blue with Mali Wenge and Grey Amalfi worktops.


What our client says...

"I had an idea in my head of exactly what I thought I wanted until Jenny from Mulberry visited our home. She asked lots of questions about how I used the space and the cooking I did for my family. Jenny came back with three designs that reflected my style. She knew what would work best with the layout of the room. I went from a traditional look to a very modern, sleek and stunning kitchen, which I absolutely love! Mulberry provided a very slick service with great tradespeople. I have recommended Mulberry twice to friends."

Mrs K | Thetford