Hiring A Professional Kitchen Company

Hiring A Professional Kitchen Company

When purchasing a new kitchen you will need to decide: who will design your kitchen, who will make your kitchen and who will install your kitchen.

As with everything in life there are many different options available, all with different financial implications and potentially very different end results. At Mulberry Kitchen Studios we have a strong philosophy of using the best person for every aspect involved in your kitchen, whether that is the qualified designer, specialist removal men to deliver your kitchen or highly skilled craftsmen to install your kitchen.

When considering who will design your kitchen the first big question is are you happy with a kitchen planner or are you seeking a kitchen designer. Kitchen design is a completely different process compared to kitchen planning. A kitchen planner at your local DIY store or mass produced kitchen supplier (who possibly after a week of “training”) will happily “plan” a new kitchen for your house while you wait. You can pop in on a Saturday morning and a couple of hours later come out with a plan and quote. A qualified kitchen designer will visit you at home and spend several hours getting to know you and undertake a full detailed survey. During the initial consultation the designer will discuss your requirements and make recommendations for appropriate appliances and other practical options. At the same time as discussing ideas for style layout and materials. At the end of the first meeting The designer will be able to discuss the budget for the project and advise if the expectations of the specification is compatible with this budget. The next meeting and further meetings will be held at a design studio to look at ideas and gradually work together to achieve your ideal design and specify all the products to create your dream kitchen.

Because Mulberry is a truly independent we strongly believe in employing the best people to make your kitchen. For example: if you have a true handle less modern kitchen in mind we will commission this to be made by RWK our German partners who are experts in creating modern bespoke kitchens. If your dream kitchen is a traditional handmade in frame kitchen which is truly one a kind this will be hand crafted in our partners workshop, if your ideal kitchen is a painted or oak shaker style kitchen our third partner who specialise in combining state of the art production with traditional cabinet making is the perfect source for your kitchen. To put it very simply all our partners specialise their own specific field, investing both time and money to ensure they are providing the best possible product at the most competitive price, nobody is a “jack of all trades and master of none”.

Once your kitchen has been designed and either built or supplied it needs to be installed. This can be simply handed over to the customer or fitted by the company who supplied it. This is where the role of a true dedicated project manager is invaluable. Regardless of who is undertaking the project the installation can involve ten and sometimes more tradesmen of different types. If simply supplying the kitchen a project managers role is to liaise with the client and the clients installers to ensure all information is available to guarantee a smooth installation.

If the client has chosen to have a fully project managed installation service the project manager is there every step of the way from pre order survey with the designer, to providing a full detailed schedule of the complete project, organisation and supervision of all tradesmen ranging from builders undertaking preparation work to the final decoration on completion and every step in-between. It is essential to have proven qualified tradesmen who are expertly skilled in their areas, however because every project is different it is key that the project manager has complete control ensuring a smooth, professional and efficient installation / project.

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