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Practical storage solutions

Our bespoke cabinets are made precisely to your requirements. Any width, height or depth, we can make a cabinet to fit any space. We can take your wall units to the ceiling, we can make your base units shorter or taller to suit your height, we can make them deeper so your freestanding appliances don’t stand proud. Every appliance can be positioned at the perfect height for you and the cabinet is made to suit. Every Mulberry kitchen is as unique as you.

Solid rigid cabinets

Our solid rigid cabinets are made from the highest quality materials. With 18mm solid backs and internal shelving, all exposed edges are sealed with a welded ABS edging to prevent the ingress of moisture. As standard we use Blum soft close hinges and Blum’s flagship LEGRABOX drawer boxes, linear, sleek and slim. These are just a few of the reasons why a Mulberry carcase has a lifetime guarantee.


Blum’s LEGRABOX drawer box is defined by straight lines that create an elegant look. They also benefit from a high load capacity of 40kg-70kg, that’s triple the weight of an average dinner service in just one drawer! All accessible with a feather light, effortless action. If you would prefer something more traditional and artisan, no problem, how about solid wooden drawer boxes with beautifully crafted dovetail joints and Blum MOVENTO runners.

Kesseböhmer storage

Whether traditional or modern, you can be assured that we only ever specify high quality German Kesseböhmer storage solutions. Expertly engineered, Kesseböhmer pullouts and carousels not only help end-users maximise their space, they give them easy access to food and kitchen cookware. Any clever storage solution that cannot take weight is useless, our corner solutions take 50kg, our tall pullout larders 100kg. Rest assured whatever you are storing will be safe and accessible.

Perfect Lighting

Lighting design transforms your kitchen. Mulberry brings you the latest product innovations to add the finishing touches to any project. Our range of lighting adds another dimension to your furniture. From subtle shades of white to statement colour changing show pieces we will design your perfect scheme.


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